Swami Aswathi Thirunal


Some fifty plus years ago, a boy was born to Sri. P .Govindankutty Nair and Smt. Saradamony at their residence, ‘Padmalayam’ at Thampanoor, Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala, India. Mr. Nair was then the Mayor of the city hence the boy became ‘son of the city’. He was appropriately named ‘Sasikumar’ (‘Sasi’ means moon in Sanskrit), as he was born on a full moon day.

Young Sasikumar had his school education at the Government Model High School in the city. Later he went to the Government Arts College and then to the University College, Trivandrum. He met his Guru,Swami Sathyananda Saraswathy, head of Sree Rama Dasa Mission at Chenkottukonam, Thiruvananthapuram, during his college days. Swamiji gave him lessons in spirituality whenever they met! At the instance of Swamiji, Sasikumar became the Secretary of Young Men’s Hindu Association (YMHA) propagating spiritual ideas among Keralites.


Though, he organized many spiritual, social and charitable events as secretary of YMHA, film technology was Sasikumar’s passion. He even started working as an assistant director in Malayalam movies, which his Guru did not endorse. He also wrote a novel named ‘Vijanaveedhi’ in malayalam and wanted to make a movie based on his novel! Unfortunately this did not materialize.

At the advice of his Guru, he ended his career in films and walked in to the world of spirituality. For Sasikumar, his Guru was God Himself.

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Sasikumar, during this time, was renovating a ruined temple in his hometown. In fact his spiritual life started here……..


As a Sadhaka, Sasikumar, at times went in to deep meditation. Sometimes, he used to wander around Kerala and places in Tamil nadu as a monk. It was during these days he became an expert in Dravida Yoga.

Sasikumar’s transformation to ‘Swami Aswathi Thirunal’ took place during this time when his Guru gave him a statue of Sri Neelakanda Guru Padar, a begging bowl, twenty five rules of living, and a pinch of Vibhoothi and asked Sasikumar to carry on all the good deeds taught to him. Like the mythological Character Ekalavyan, in Mahabharatham, the young Sadhika went in to deep sadhana…..the name Ekalavyasram came in to being.

Swami Aswathy Thirunal is a champion of peace, religious harmony and yogic way of living. Acclaimed the world over, he is one of the most sought after motivation speakers in the country.

Aswathy Seva Kendra and Eklavya Charitable Trust are two social organizations, led by Swami for the spiritual, social and cultural up-lift of the people. Swamiji plays a pivotal role in the activities of the organization “Rainbow” floated by the heads of all religions in Kerala. Swamiji is very much involved in organizing all religions prayer meetings every year to preach peace, love and religious harmony.

Swamiji had represented Hinduism in Asian Conference of Religions for Peace (ACRP) held in Manila (Philippines) in 2008 where he delivered a speech on religious peace which made ripples throughout the world.  Swami was elected as a governing body member of ACRP.


A good writer and an orator, he has written books on various subjects. Very popular with his spiritual discourses in the small screen as well as on stage, his programs “Insight” in Kairali “Jyothirgamaya” in Surya were popularly viewed.  Now he appears as a spiritual speaker in Asianet Cable Vision every morning. His talents as a motivational speaker are hired by the corporate sector, to train their executives.

Ramayana and Bhagavatha Sapthahams by Swamiji attract a lot of audience. He keeps the devotees spell bound with his oratory talents and mellifluous bhajans. Swamiji also leads Maha Saraswathy and Maha Lekshmy Yagams in many temples of Kerala and Tamilnadu, where only brahmins used to get an opportunity to conduct yagas. But the yagas supervised by Swami Aswathythirunal, all devotees of lord, irrespective of sex, cast, religion or creed can perform.

Commercialization of yagas, pujas or any religious activity is condemned strongly by Swamiji. “Any attempt to extract money in the name of religion is to be stopped, be it by the name of Dakshina or any other!” he opines.

He is an exponent of the  of “Dravida Yoga” and is now planning to develop  Chingamchira Prakrithi Temple (Kollamgode, Palakkad) as the greatest Yoga Centre and Yoga Temple.

He is also busy working day and night for the International Hindu Renaissance Assembly, planned to be held at Palakkad in 2011. He hopes to pave the way for a totally united, Universal and reformed  Hinduism  above fanaticism and cast feelings and political identities through that assembly.

The Asram and its commitment to various humanitarian and social activities attract a lot of devotees.